Researching Multilingually

The Power of Languages..

It’s been a while since my last blog. However, I will be endeavouring to post a bit more regularly. This week I attended the launch symposium of a research project that I am co-investigator on. The event was held at the University of Glasgow and was chaired by Prof Alison Phipps who is Principal  Investigator on the project. The symposium took place from the 26th to 28th May and featured academic and creative arts collaborators from the UK, US, New Zealand, Italy and Ghana. The title of the research is ‘Researching Multilingually at the borders of Language, the Body, Law and State’. The grant award supporting the research is from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is valued at over £2 million.

I will be leading on an aspect of the research that explores using the creative arts as a language for supporting the emotional needs of individuals whose first language is not English. This will draw on work that I continue to be in involved with in Sierra Leone but also refugee populations living in Glasgow.

It was a very exciting and stimulating few days, and it was great to connect with some very bright and dynamic people doing very cool work. As someone who has not had too much experience of working with linguists and modern language experts, I’m very much looking forward to progressing the project.