Sunday 31st August 2014 – Checking out Kigali’s art


This morning I got up and went for a run. Kigali is an interesting place to choose to go for a run… it is nearly 2km above sea level and very undulating. Let’s just say that it was a good workout! At 11am, I made my way to Hotel Des Milles Collines to meet with Phil and some friends.

This provided me with the opportunity to meet with Mary from Mumbai, and Gertrude from Cape Town). Gertrude has been extensively involved in conflict transformation and community relations work in different parts of the world. She previously served as a member of parliament in South Africa. She regaled us with stories of occasions when she had met with Nelson Mandela. Needless to say, I was riveted by the conversation.
After lunch, Phil and myself toured around some of the art galleries around Kigali that exhibit the work of very talented local artists. We visited Inema, Ivuka and finally Yego. I was really impressed with the standard of work, and purchased a painting by Olivier Kwitonda (

Kigali is well catered for in terms of the diverse styles of food that are available. This evening, Phil and I were joined by Clement when we went to a Mexican restaurant for some burritos. Clement is a big Liverpool FC fan, so it was a delight to spend some time with a kindred spirit. Clement is studying for a Masters in Information Technology. He is a bright guy who is working hard to balance work commitments with his studies. It was good to spend time with him.


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